‘Jessica has a great understanding of the writing process and the needs of a writer. She shows immense patience and the uncanny ability to lead. Jessica is a pleasure to work with I have nothing but highest regard for her.’

Arif Hussein, CEO of Kaos Films and founder of the British Short and Feature Screenplay Competitions.

“There are not enough superlatives in the dictionary to cover the experience of working with Jess Loveland. From the first notes she sent me on the initial script (about five pages of comprehensive, detailed, intelligent, and insightful commentary) through to the development afterwards, she’s had a hugely positive effect on the screenplay and it’s infinitely better for her input. If you’re looking for some development commentary from a consummate professional, I’d have no hesitation about recommending her for anything from a three minute short to a multimillion dollar blockbuster”

JP Sheerin, winner of the British Feature Screenplay Competition 2009

‘Having worked with various script editors I can say that Jess was one of my most enjoyable experiences. Not only did she offer intelligent and clear advice, but her ability to understand me as a writer enabled us to have a creative relationship that I felt very comfortable in. This situation is invaluable for a writer – it inspired in me an imaginative flow that could have been easily stifled in the wrong hands. She is a joy and a pleasure to work with.’

Rachel Seely, Writer/Director

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